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HealthGraph Community is an integrated health portal that provides users access to a variety of tools and services designed to improve disease management as well as support disease prevention and wellness. The portal is built on the concept of health communities or networks and enables users to quickly identify their areas of interest and the type of information or tools they need to support their health objectives.

Proactive disease management is a proven way to reduce medical complications and lead a full and healthy life. Kanayo's Healthgraph Community helps people who are living with any type of condition or chronic illness to better manage their own health care through self monitoring of diet, weight, exercise, drug protocols and lab data. New self management tools or "trackers" can be developed at the request of health organizations, communities or societies.

Through a free registration process, users of HealthGraph Community get access to a comprehensive health network of people sharing their advice, treatment experiences, and support. An online personalized wellness journal and associated tools allows users to track their respective conditions, overall health status and key indicators of risk. These tools include weight trackers, diet and exercise logs, medication and immunization logs, and risk assessment calculators. Charts and reports are automatically generated to illustrate progress history over time.

A comprehensive and powerful drug database enables HealthGraph users to search by brand name, generic name, or applicable symptoms and get detailed patient-oriented information on suitable application of any specific drug.

HealthGraph Community includes extensive social networking functionality designed to support community specific interests. There are over 300 individual health categories and support groups within the portal, and members of any specific health network or community can share stories, chat with other members and exchange relevant information with each support group.


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