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Kanayo's HealthGraph Connect platform offers a flexible, easy-to-use and secure access to your patients' personal health information

The web-based and open standards-compliant HealthGraph Connect is designed to simplify clinical workflow for healthcare organizations performing remote monitoring of patients with chronic diseases.

How does it Work?

Patients use a mobile application, a multi-user application, or a dedicated home-based hub (RTX 3370*) to transmit their vital signs and questionnaire responses to the HealthGraph Connect secure, web-based clinical monitoring application. Patients measure their own vital signs daily as scheduled by their care providers. They also answer individualized, clinical questionnaires that are customized to manage their chronic diseases.

The numerical vital signs and subjective patient answers can be viewed by the responsible care team using the HealthGraph Connect clinical monitoring application. The application allows the care team members to assess the patients status, review their objective and subjective responses, and easily focus on high risk patients.

Clinical Monitoring Application

The HealthGraph Connect clinical monitoring application allows the care team members to quickly review high risk patients, assess their status and focus on patients in need of intervention.

Key Features

  • Ease-of-use through charts, dashboard and single click access to frequently used elements.
  • Web-based access capabilities allows access from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Customizable patient care plans, monitoring plans, subjective questionnaires and educational material.
  • Library of clinical interviews and health questionnaires; supports the ability to create and customize interviews depending on the needs of the patient within the application.
  • Highly configurable schedules for monitoring sessions. You can schedule recurring sessions at any desirable frequency and mix different types of sessions in one program
  • Extensive reporting - track your telehealth program trends, e.g., number of patients monitored over time, patient status history (active, on-hold, resumed, discharged)
  • Stock management of in-home medical peripherals - manage inventory of devices and hubs.
  • HL7 integration with third party clinical systems such as EMRs and ADT systems

Home Hub RTX 3370

The RTX 3370 hub is a dedicated home-based gateway to the HealthGraph Connect clinical monitoring application. The hub serves two main functions in the delivery of care to patients:

  • Prompt patients to answer personalized, subjective questions
  • Transmit vital sign measurements taken by the patients using non-Kanayo medical devices.

Vital signs gathered from wireless medical peripherals are sent to the dedicated home-based hub and are then transmitted to the monitoring application through a POTS connection or a GSM/GPRS wireless network (RTX3371).

Key Features

  • Colour display and audio capabilities
  • Secure data transmission using SSL-128
  • Bluetooth, serial and infrared interface for most commonly used external devices
  • Remote configuration and Remote firmware update

Supported Medical Devices

Weight Scale

  • A&D Medical Bluetooth Scale UC-321PBT
  • A&D Medical RS232 Scale UC-321PL
  • SC-1 Telehealth Scale RS232
  • IEM Bluetooth weight scale TC-100

Blood Pressure

  • A&D Medical Bluetooth blood pressure monitor UA 767 plus BT
  • IEM Bluetooth blood pressure monitor Stabil-O Graph

Blood Sugar

  • Roche Diagnostics InfraRed Accu-check Compact
  • Roche Diagnostics InfraRed Accu-check Compact Plus
  • Roche Diagnostics InfraRed Accu-check Aviva
  • LifeScan RS232 OneTouch Series
  • Abbott Labs. RS232 FreeStyle
  • Abbott Labs. RS232 FreeStyle Flash


  • Viasys AM-1 peakflow (Bluetooth)


  • Nonin IPOD Spo2 (RS232)
  • Nonin 4100 SpO2 (Bluetooth)
  • Nonin 9560 Bluetooth Fingertip

* RTX 3370 is supplied by Tunstall Healthcare A/S (formerly RTX Healthcare A/S).


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