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The Kanayo Diabetes Case Management Application (KDCMA) is an enhanced Diabetes Case Management Application aimed at primary care physicians, specialists, and patients with diabetes.  KDCMA is a decision support and reminder system that collects, stores, and displays pertinent clinical information.  Additionally, KDCMA provides accurate and timely flow sheets and alerts to physicians.  The system is based on the Chronic Care Model (Wagner et al), which focuses on the creation of a clinical setting consisting of a prepared, proactive health care team and an informed, active patient.

The KDCMA is used to assess patients, from their initial visit through to corresponding follow-up appointments.  The interface is easy to understand and can be mastered quickly by even the most novice computer user.


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  • Integration of 2003 CDA Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Collects and tracks various types of care indicators, such as: weights and heights (with automatic calculation of BMIs); blood pressures; glucoses, HbA1c; lipids (total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL); SMBG frequency; eye exams; foot exams; relevant medications (e.g., diabetes, lipids, BP); smoking status; vaccinations; and diabetes patient education
  • Produces a number of patient specific reports triggered on current clinical measures
  • Provides real-time reminders for care indicators, appointments, etc.
  • Generates summary population reports for researchers regarding the pool of diabetic patients
  • Captures and records patient demographic and visit information, with long term trends available
  • Data can be exported to statistical analysis programs (e.g., SAS); and to hospital ADT system.
  • Longitudinal data tracking and graphing and predictive modeling capability
  • Authentication and data encryption for patient and Case Manager confidentiality
  • Available as a stand-alone Windows application and and a platform-independent Web-based version

  • Improves patient care by providing tools for better condition tracking and by offering reminders and alerts
  • Aids physician decision-making by producing physician-specific reports on current conditions, historical trends, and guideline recommendations
  • Reduces medication and specialist costs due to improved patient health
  • Aids patient education by producing patient-specific reports on current conditions, goals, and historical trends
  • When used in conjunction with Case Managers, KDCMA leads to an improvement in patient outlook
  • When used in conjunction with Case Managers, KDCMA reduces physician overburden and increases quality of patient care
  • Seamless integration with existing EMRs reduces data duplication while providing enhanced functionality


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