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ProductsChronic Disease Management Application (CDMA)

CDMA is a product suite used by physicians and clinicians to manage their clinically ill patients. It provides decision support in the form of targets, prompts, charts and graphs, both at the level of patient and population.

In addition to the patient-focused self-monitoring, tracking tools and support communities/networks offered by the Community application, CDMA includes:

  • Customizable reports
  • Population identification, risk stratification & reporting
  • Administrator module to add diseases list, custom fields, alert thresholds, units & ranges
  • Flowsheets for viewing and entering patients data
  • Rule-based recommendations for certain disease domains (e.g., diabetes)

ProductsKanayo DCMA

The Kanayo Diabetes Case Management Application (KDCMA) is an enhanced Diabetes Case Management Application aimed at primary care physicians, specialists, and patients with diabetes. KDCMA is a decision support and reminder system that collects, stores, and displays pertinent clinical information. Additionally, KDCMA provides accurate and timely flow sheets and alerts to physicians. The system is based on the Chronic Care Model (Wagner et al), which focuses on the creation of a clinical setting consisting of a prepared, proactive health care team and an informed, active patient.

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ProductsKanayo DST

Kanayo DST is a Decision Support research project aimed at supporting physicians, specialists and other health care providers during daily patient care. A system of alarms, reminders, and advice, Kanayo DST aids the health care provider in following best practice guidelines.


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