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Connect Disease Management Community



One of the main themes in Kanayo's product suite (HealthGraph) is the application of decision support technologies to chronic disease management systems. The HealthGraph product suite consists of three types of applications, each focusing on an important aspect of the effective management of chronic diseases:

  • HealthGraph Connect
  • HealthGraph Disease Management (DM)
  • HealthGraph Community

HealthGraph Connect

HealthGraph Connect platform offers a flexible, easy to-use and secure access to patient-reported vitals and health information. The web-based and open standards-compliant HealthGraph Connect is designed to simplify the clinical workflow for healthcare organizations performing remote monitoring of patients with chronic diseases.

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HealthGraph DM

HealthGraph DM consists of web-based applications targeted at physicians, clinicians and case managers involved in the management of clinically ill patients. Two applications currently exist in this area: a diabetes-focused case management application (DCMA) and a customizable chronic disease management application (CDMA). These applications provide decision support in the form of targets, prompts, charts and graphs, both at the level of patient and population. The Diabetes application is currently in the field at the end of a two-year pilot program involving 32 clinics, 100 physicians and close to 700 patients.

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HealthGraph Community

HealthGraph Community is an integrated health portal that provides users access to a variety of tools and services designed to improve disease management as well as support disease prevention and wellness. The portal is built on the concept of health communities or networks and enables users to quickly identify their areas of interest and the type of information or tools they need to support their health objectives.

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